eKickboxing competition

Slovenian Kickboxing Federation (KBZS) has decided to perform a competition on electronic simulator - eFighting (e.g. how rowers train indoors - on ergometer). First time such competition was carried out with the help of an electronic simulator was in 2019 at martial arts gyms, which were members of KBZS and decided to participate in this contest. The eFighting device allows the execution of eKickboxing competitions. The whole process for running such events is simple. A club is lent an efighting device for 10 – 14 days. In that timeframe gym members are allowed to train on the simulator. On pre-arranged day competition is carried out in the presence of an official referee from KBZS.

Results are collected and stored at KBZS website www.kbzs.si, where all competitors can follow their results and of their opponents.

The device measures competitors reaction time. The system provides the results of competitive exercises that last 2 minutes in paragraphs and an average reaction time is taken into account in the sum up. The device allows equivalent conditions for all competitors who are accompanied by a referee. The referee is monitoring the current contestant if he is performing all exercises according to regulations. The scoring system is simple. Faster than the user turns the sensor off (sensor must be turned off in limited time), quicker it lights up again so the user can get a bigger sum of points.

Serious training can also be fun with the help of eKickboxing. It’s a new approach to exercising. The simulator heavily influences user’s skill of accurate punching and kicking and also forces him to hit sensors faster.

Such approach to practice and competition is more interesting for clubs as it increases the number of contestants from approx. 15% up to 90%. Club members who are from personal reasons not competing in kickboxing on tatami or ring disciplines can also participate in such contests.
With eKickboxing clubs do not have any transport costs, as the simulator is brought in their own gym. Organising
such event does not require any equipment, only bandages nor any medical staff. Competitors do not have to lose time to travel to tournaments abroad and there is less possibility (to none) for an injury.