About eFighting

About eFIGHTING fitness workout

Following your daily routine with the eFighting workout you not only get to feel fit but it is also the perfect stress reduction and guarantees a lot of fun!  It is perfect for gaining muscle tone and losing fat by body shaping. Furthermore, you will improve your strength, stamina, coordination and speed. It is hard to go to the fitness club if you train the same exercises with the same machines every week. eFIGHTING fitness workout gives you with its concept of effective workout an optimal alternative. With a breef introduction you can train by yourself with an individual training program that fits you best or you create your own personalized training for later use.

eKickboxing competition with eFighting

Slovenian Kickboxing Federation (KBZS) has decided to perform a competition on electronic simulator - eFighting (e.g. how rowers train indoors - on ergometer). The eFighting device allows the execution of eKickboxing competitions. A club is lent an efighting device for 10 – 14 days. In that timeframe gym members are allowed to train on the simulator. On pre-arranged day competition is carried out in the presence of an official referee from KBZS.

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