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eBOXING is characterized by highly complex software and hardware for controlling the training with the most varied intensities.

The modern technology provides the entire training control, precise measurement of the results, evaluation and recording of training processes with immediate analysis of the training sequences with provided documentation.

Through the design and the technical structures the trainer is given an atmosphere that is unique. No matter if you are a beginner or a long-time exerciser everyone can start training immediately.


martial arts and fitness trainig programs

Training Programs

No matter whether it is bodyshaping, fatburning or pure fitness training, the desired workout "Fitness Workout", "Fight", "Self Defense" can be selected in seconds. There is no need for complicated training by a trainer. Rather, the trainer starts immediately and completely uncomplicated with the training of his choice, through the Quickstart menu.
martial arts and fitness trainig programs

Virtual Trainer

The virtual trainer demonstrates the correct execution before each exercise and makes a staff support unnecessary. A quick glance at the screen is enough to capture the course of the training.
martial arts and fitness trainig programs

User Profile

Login for loads of benefits Each member can create his or her own profile, which offers a variety of advantages, such as:

• More training programs
• Statistics
• Comparison with other members

Statistics In the profile of the member all completed training units are documented and mapped in a clear statistics.

The training progress can be quickly and easily reproduced from anywhere - whether on the screen in the studio or at home on the computer.

More training programs Logged-in members have the option to choose from 200 different training programs. No matter if a comprehensive training or the training of certain muscle groups is desired - here everyone will find.

eFighting Users Network

Comparison with other members Due to the large number of profiles created by the members, an ideal comparison of the training results results. It is possible to compare with the average results of all members or to display specific results for each country and country. In addition, it is possible to create interactive groups that create a community of members - either with friends or freely accessible.

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