Basic training is the best solution to newcomers and users who would like to learn new techniques.
With the help of virtual trainer there is no need for additional aid to the user.

For up to 10 minutes, this machine offers you best possible warm up and preparation for your fitness training and workout. With the correct use, it warms up your whole body and clears your mind, which will lead to better results in your workout.

On eFIGHTING, you can perform training which is comparable to treadmill or in-door bike. Exercising with our machine includes wokrout of whole body. With the feet movement, followed by kicks and punches, your whole body works at once.

Common problem today is stress. One of the best solutions to relieve stress is sport. When you go inside the ring, all of your focus will be on eFIGHTING and all your worries will fly away. When you are done with your training, you will feel renewed and relieved.

The multi log-in ability allows you to bring your friends and train with them. With the pre-set excercises for groups you can train and compete with your friend.
Teamwork, baby!

After you are finished with your Basic Training, you can select competition program which contains more complex exercises. In competition mode, your data will be recorded and put on ranking list where you will try to beat other users worldwide. Later on you can follow your results from your home just by logging on to our website with your eFIGHTING account.

If you do not like to run solo, there is always another option. Grab a friend and create a team which will conquer the ranking list of eFIGHTING. Like one person competition, the Team Competition also records your statistics which you can analyse from home with your eFIGHTING buddy.

eFIGHTING was built not only for training, but to entertain it’s users. To make fitness workout more fun. The developers wanted to make a machine which will be easy to use and entertain it’s users and they came out with eFIGHTING.